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In Memory

The Premier Research Triangle Speculative Fiction Conference

This weekend (July 21-23 2006) the Trinoc*Con 2006 was held in conjunction with the DeepSouthCon 44 at the North Raleigh Hilton in Raleigh, North Carolina. Special guests included authors David Drake, John Kessell, Gene Wolf, Steve White, Mark Van Name, Stephen Rainey and many others.

Workshops included Live figure drawing, webcomics submit (including Erin Lindsey), getting into art publishing and how to build a protfolio.

We also ran across Klingons, Storm Troopers and Faries, the Local Neo LRP, the local World of Darkness LRP and of curse the Game and dealers rooms.


David Drake during his Question and Answer session


ME and Darth Vader!


Although a local chapter of KAG (Klingon Assualt Group) set up quite a display of Klingon collectables from the Star Trek Universe, I never did spot a live Klingon. Either they all got arrested at the party the night before or the were on covert operations.


A table full of items donated by authors, artists and dealers for the Charity Auction.


We got a shot of a Speeder Bike Trooper from the Carolina Garrison of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers waiting on the return of the Klingons.


A few more members of the 501st


Many thanks to Mike Moon, all the convention staff, David Drake and Mark Van Name for making it possible for us to bring you a look at TRINOC*CON VII and DEEP SOUTH CON 44.

See you next year!