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Stargate Gets a RAW Deal

It wasn't until I read the Sci-Fi Weekly Letters this week that I heard about the cancellation of Stargate SG1. It seems the notice came out the same day Sci-Fi Channel decided to run RAW.

The only Reason I watch the Sci-fi Channel is for the Friday night lineup of Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica or an occasional movie like Dragon Sword.

It would seem Stargate will go the way of Star Trek. First they forgot the premise of exploring new worlds and devoted time to fighting the undefeatable enemy. Then when that ended, they came up with another undefeatable enemy, then another. Rather than canceling the show, why not just call it Stargate again and have various teams go exploring new worlds. Imagine, a world based on the Gods of the Incas, or another sentient race other than human. I would love to see a hundred Stars show up like they used to on the Twilight zone. There are possibilities that could keep the name Stargate going for another ten years, but once again, the Star Trek syndrome strikes and money outweighs good production. Rumor has it that Paramount and Sci-Fi channel have a merger in the works. (Joke!)

I suppose when Atlantis, Galactica and Eureka are all replaced with wrestling, I can get rid of my cable subscription.


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