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150 Men of the 2nd Battalion, 24th foot, commanded by Lt. John Chard vs 4000 Zulu warriors

Rorke's Drift, the evening of Wednesday 22, 1879


En Garde! Both wary yet ready to strike at the first opening.


Each waiting for an opening, that fatal mistake the other warrior must make.


Thrust and parry, who will get throught the others defense first?


Unable to reload, Sgt. Jones only advantage is the reach his rifle and bayonet give him. Is it enough?


Two seasoned veterans, each good at what they do. Who will be the victor?


Will either survive the night? Will skill or luck prevail tonight?

The baracade is down, opponents face off.

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DML's Stg. Jones out of the box.
Sandbags from 21C
Zulu figure is a new generation Power Team Figure with scratch made Zulu outfit. White fur on arms and legs is fake rabbit fur found in any fabric store. Headband, bands around arms and legs, loin cloth and shield are made from thin black leather (cut from an old black leather skirt found at a thrift store; shoulda seen the looks I got when I bought it). Zulu spear blade from sheet styrene plastic. To keep the shield stiff and not floppy, I brushed on 3 coats of Elmes glue on the back side to stiffen it. The glue dries clear.